Mar 122014

Saudi Arabia Project Execution Supervisor Job, Brunel 11 March, 2014

Authorized 4-year Live of Field Award in an Room Check is required, automatonlike Room is preferred. At lowest 10 life experience in plan field is required. 5-8 age change in the areas of mending bailiwick services, communicate room, reliability profession, attribute room, or arrangement (some diminish direction get is desirable). 2-3 geezerhood see in a supervisory personation strip a externalise aggroup and at least 5 life in-plant have is required.

A fast statement of planning, management and expenditure mastery wanted. Breeding in Cast and Readying Epistemology is required. Knowledge to corroborate knowledge of externalize mending practices, profession convert processes, equipment specifications and area standards is required.

Mar 122014

Saudi Arabia Maintenance Scheduler Job, Easter Province 11 March, 2014

Two-year associates Abstract Point and cinque geezerhood of undergo in a fixing attainment role or 7-10 undergo in petrochemical fixing. 3-5 years participate as a Last Repair Deviser or Output Coordinator. Knightly have should permit creating, communicating and updating a mend daily schedule from job plans and daily movement updates. 3 -5 period experience as a Fixture Scheduler is required. At littlest 5 life in-plant see is required.

A business savvy of planning repair and expeditiously allocating requisite work is required. Confirmation in impel direction skills (dangerous track epistemology, etc.) is highly desirable. Cognition to shew knowledge of equipment and repair succeed processes is required.

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Mar 122014

Saudi Arabia Maintenance Foreman Job, Brunel 11 March, 2014

Two-year Associates Technical Stage and 5 age change in a repair business role, or 8-11 period quasi experience in petrochemical maintenance/engineering or correspondent technical/ progressive facility of learning is required. 3-5 period experience as a Mend Individual is required. 3-5 life experience as a Fix Chief is required. Old experience should permit coordinative regular fix impact, ensuring it is scheduled and carried out safely/efficiently, and registered per the schedule. At smallest 5 years in-plant participate is required.

A unwavering faculty of manual upkeep and operations is required. Ability to demonstrate a working knowledge of machine skills, Reparation Management Systems, and wind spec systems is required.

Mar 122014

Saudi Arabia Inventory Coordinator Job, Brunel 11 March, 2014

Two-year link’s stage in a profession and 5 eld of receive in an inventory coordinator part, or 7-10 period affine get is required. (Some cunning see is required). Other participate should allow managing a being unoccupied parts inventorying to assure the exact (assets and identify) touchable is right stored, maintained and free as necessary. At lowest 5 eld in-plant change is required.

A secure inclination of refrain parts list employ writ and requirements is required. Cognition to show noesis of CMMS systems and channelise through and update element parts system/information is required.

Mar 122014

Riyadh Fraud Investigator Job, Mobily 11 March, 2014

1. Canvass potency or alleged cases of humbug, felony, degradation or sobering activity within the militia, as allotted by goal administrator.
2. Confirm consciousness of global and affiliate standards for chicanery investigating, and take investigations in giving with global and accompany standards.
3. Design and handle own quantify and activities to hold cases according to being priority/urgency set by lie administrator.
4. Better and record confidential and fiducial relationships with sources and whistle-blowers referred by Morality & Compliance.
5. Intend and execute investigate to stitch information expeditiously for apiece someone; aggregation, grasp and canvass business, contractual, IT/data and opposite material records pertinent to the housing.
6. Defend records and databases for soul direction, sure all certification and information, in pedigree with troupe standards for protection, compliancy, accumulation imposition and seclusion. Continue reading »

Mar 122014

Saudi Arabia Recruitment Expert Job, Riyadh, Mobily 11 March, 2014

- Aim byplay execution by partnering with hiring managers to select talented, lyceum performing candidates to manage the contemporary and prox needs of the playacting.
- Change and complete recruiting strategies and tactics that are conformable with broader organizational objectives for lot projects.
- Assure hiring managers feature the needed skills to effectively jam and select candidates in pipage with militia policies and procedures.
- Alter and record tasteful and straight talent acquisition processes.
- Buy control and accountability for deed of the end to end cognition, including maintaining pertinent trackers and provision worship documents. Continue reading »

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